Complete canning line for standard cans 30.000 cph

Complete canning line for standard cans 30.000 cph Product: CSD, etc. Can type: 211/202 for 330 ml standard can Capacity: approx. 30.000 cph Packaging: 24 cans (4 x 6) on a tray shrinked into foil Palletizing: automatically The line is still producing and can be inspected in France consisting of: 1) Can depalletizer BERCHI Type: TIR-C No. 0397 BF 1581/9 year of manufactuing: 1991 incl. safety housing, pallet infeed system, can table, pallet magazin, automatic sheet removel system, automatic can pushing station 2) Can rinser for 330 ml standard can PLM to rins the can with water year of manufacturing: 1992 3) Can filling and closing combination H + K (KHS) / Ferrum 50 / 10 with 50 filling valves and 10 seaming stations can filler type: VVF 50 D, year of manufacturing: 1982 can seamer type: F 912, year of manufacturing: 1983 both machines get renewed (mechanically and electrically) incl. automatically can end feeding station 4) Can blowing / drying station SONIC to dry the cans after filling year of manufacturing: 2015 5) Mixer Noll (KHS) Type: Mixomat year of manufacturing: 1985 6) Tunnel pasteurizer 7) Traypacking and foil shrinking machine Kisters to put two cans (4 x 6) on a tray, shrinked into foil 8) Palletizer Kettner Type: Press Uni m Belade year of manufacturing: 1981 9) Pallet stretching machine ITW MIMA S. Type: Drapal 6050 year of manufacturing: 1994 10) Complete can conveyor system, complete tray conveyor system, incl. pallet conveyor system, incl. accumulation table for the cans

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Complete filling line for beer in glas bottles 30.000bph

Complete filling line for beer Capacity: 30.000bph based on 0,33ltr. glas bottles Labelling: paper-lables with cold glue (body, back and neck) Capping: Crown-Cork Packaging: 20/24/30 bottles into plastic-case Pallatizing: Plastic-cases on wodden-pallet consisting of: 1)Bottle-washingmachine KHS Type: Innoclean-EE 39/87 R32 K00 Year of manufacturing: 1998 with 39 bottles in a row one-end machine completley stainless steel size of bottle carrier: up to 0,5 ltr. longneck glas-bottle 2)Filling- and closing machine H&K/KHS Type: VVF 88/20 with 88 filling valves and 20 head crown-corker Year of manufacturing: 1998 incl. double pre-evacuation system Running direction: left-to-right 3)Bottle Inspection machine HEUFT Type: Spectrum TX HBB/RT/34 Year of manufacturing: 2007 Inspection Zone: bottom, mouth and side wall of the bottle 4)Labelling machine HEUFT Type: Tornado W HBBTW XXXX Year of manufacturing: 2010 to lable glas bottles with paper lables by cold glue (Body, Back and Back lable) 5)De-corking machine Rink Type: RK 940 Year of manufacturing: 2009 6)Case washing machine Falterbaum Type: KW 20 Year of manufacturing: 1979 complete stainless steel machine 7)Complete bottle and case conveyor system approx. 175 meters incl. 39 motor-drives 8)Case packing / Case unpacking machine BMS Type: BMS-EP-103-T-2000 / BMS-AP-105-T-2000 Year of manufacturing: 2009 with 6 packing heads each 9)De-palletizer / Palettizer Kettner Year of manufacturing: 1991 The whole equitment is installed in Germany

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Complete PET filling line capacity: approx. 11.000bph based on 1,0ltr.

Complete PET filling line product: mineral water with Co² and CSD capacity: appr. 11.000 bph based on 1,0 ltr PET bottles capping: PCO 28 mm plastic screw cap labelling: pre-cutted labels with hot glue around the bottle packaging: PET bottles shrinked into foil palletizing: automatically The line is still installed and can be visited during production. consisting of: 1. Blowing machine Krones Contiform type: KBM 160-16 with 16 blowing stations year of manufacturing: 2000 incl. preform feeding system, preform silo, preform inspection machine 2. High pressure air compressor Altas Copco type: 40 S 30 year of manufacturing: 1998 capacity: 40 bar incl. 2 pressure tanks inc. air dryer Parker year of manufacturing: 2014 incl. chiller York year of manufacturing: 2002 3. Air conveyor Krones type: 970 year of manufacturing: 2000 appr. 60 meters incl. pneumatically bottle size adjustment system 4. Tribloc Krones Bloc 50/50/10 year of manufacturing: 1993 with complete new electric panel from Krones incl. Siemens S7 (year of manufacturing: 2014) with 50 rinsing stations, 50 filling valves and 10 head plastic screw capper Alcoa with pick and place system year of manufacturing: 1999 with neck-handling system with safety-housing with automatically cap feeding system incl. automatically height adjustment system incl. Velcorin inkjet station DMT year of manufacturing: 2010 incl. filling height control system Indspex 5. Mixer and carbonator Krones type: D-A-P year of manufacturing: 1993 6. Labelling machine Langguth type: E62 year of manufacturing: 1999 to label pre-cutted labels around the bottle by hot glue with hot glue station Nordson 7. Dating unit Domino type: Domino D320 i Co² year of manufacturing: 2015 8. Foil shrinking machine and heating tunnel type: PSP 0320/35V year of manufacturing: 1998 incl. trayx sticker system Herman 9. Complete bottle conveyor, tray conveyor and pallet conveyor system KHS year of manufacturing: 1998 10. Handle applicator project type: Progrip LS-40 11. Palletizer KHS type: Robert RS3 year of manufacturing: 1998 incl. pallet magazin incl. sheet system 12. Pallet stretching system Octupus type: Octupus 1600 BTS incl. pallet labelling system

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Complete PET-filling line 6.000bph based on 0,5 ltr. Pet bottles

Complete PET filling line capacity: appr. 6.000 bph based on 0,5 ltr. PET bottles appr. 5.000 bph based on 1,5 ltr. PET bottles capping: PCO 28 mm 1810 plastic screw cap labelling: pre-cutted labels with hot glue around the bottle packaging: 3 x 4 PET bottles 0,5 ltr. and 2 x 3 PET bottles 1,5 ltr. into foil palletizing: 12 or 6 packs on wooden pallet and streched into foil products: mineral water with CO2 If desired we can offer also a mixer to produce CSD consisting of: 1. Blowing machine Tetra Pak type: LX6 machine no: 40106/1042 year of manufacture: 1999 incl. blow moulds for 0,5 ltr. and 1,5 ltr. PET bottles incl. preform feeding system incl. chiller incl. preform silo incl. Siemens electric 2. High pressure air compressor Belliss and Morcom type: VH9H3N serial no. R188660 year of manufacturing: 2005 maximum working pressure: 40bar incl. pressure tank incl. cooling system 3. Bottle erector Posimat type: M-20 serial no: 10632 year of manufacture: 2003 incl. Siemens electric to errect the PET-bottles after blowing for the air conveyor 4. Air conveyor Lanfranchi year of manufacture: 2003 approx. 5 mtr. with 1 blowing unit 5. Filling and closing Bloc BKM type: Varifill VF 32/8 PET with 32 filling valves and 8 head plastic screw capper with pick-and-place system year of manufacture: 2001 with Siemens S7 electric incl. Touch Panel with neck-supporting system 6. Dating machine Willet type: 436 43S year of manufacture: 2003 to date the bottles 7. UV sterilisation system year of manufacture: 2000 8. Labelling machine Krones type: Canmatic year of manufacture: 2000 to lable pre-cutted paper labels with hot glue around the bottle 9. Shrink wrapping machine and heating tunnel Cramegna modell: Champion type: PZ00105 to pack Pet bottles into foil and shrink it year of manufacture: 2000 10. Palletizer Kettner year of manufacture: 1982 reconditioned and modifyed with Siemens S7 electric incl. pallet magazine incl. pallet streching machine Era Pack 11. CIP station with 600 ltr. stainless steel tanks 12. Impregnation pump Noll to inject Co2 into the water so that it is carbonated

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Filling line for non-returnable PET bottles

capacity: 7.000 bph by 1,5 ltr. bottle filling product: water and softdrinks size: 0,5 ltr./0,75 and 1,5 ltr. (including existing handling parts and moulds) cap: plastic screw capper PCO 28 (standard 1810) pack: 3 x 2 film (PAD possible) pallet: Euro pallet 1200 x 800 mm consisting of: 1. Two blow moulding machines Kosme KSB 4000 one preform container for both blow moulding machines 2 elevators, 2 roller sorters 2. Compressor Kaeser 2 x Ds 171, dryer Kaeser TD245 2 piston compressor 3. Air conveyor make Lanfranchi, pneumatically adjustable 6 blower, control unit Siemens S5 4. Mixer Famix, year of manufacturing: 1998 capacity: 12.000 ltr/h, control unit relay 5. Rinser/Filler-Bloc Melegari ISO Jet 40/40/8 year of manufacturing: 1999 with 40 rinsing stations, 40 filling valves and 8 head screw capper Arol with Pick and Place system with neckhandling 6. Velcorin machine Lewa type: DA 922 7. cap feeding unit Melegari type: ELPNE with blower year of manufacturing:1999 8. Fill level inspector unit Heuft with pusher into container 9. Bottle conveyors with plastic chain and accumulation tabel 10. Labelling machine Kosme, hotmelt running direction: left to right for labelling paper labels wraparound with hotmelt 11. Coding unit Videojet 12. Packaging machine Dimac type: Starfilm year of manufacturing: 1999 only foil - PAD possible, printed foil possible 13. Pack conveyor, partly roller chain, partly with plastic chain 14. Handle applicator Twin Pac type: MGE 15. Palletizer Kosme/Cosma, one line infeed below integrated turning unit, layer pad inserter roller grouping station 16. Stretcher Kosme/Cosma type: AVATBR 17. Pallet labeller Logopak 18. Pallet conveyor

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Komplette PET-Abfülllinie 6.000Fl./Std. bei 1,5ltr. PET-Flaschen

PET ABFÜLLANLAGEfür Mineralwasser (still und karbonisiert) und Softdrinks Leistung: 6.000 x 1,5l Fl./Std. Flaschen: 1,5l / 1,0l / 0,5l PETVerschluss: Plastikschraubverschluss 28 mm Etiketten: Rundumetikett (Papier, Heißleim) Verpackung: 3 x 2 = 6 x 1,0l in Folie geschrumpft 3 x 2 = 6 x 1,5l in Folie geschrumpf t4 x 3 = 12 x 0,5l in Folie geschrumpft Anlage demontiert; bestehend aus: 1. Sirupraum inkl. Zuckerlösetank mit dazugehörigen Pumpen inkl. Lagertanks inkl. Wärmetauscher inkl. Filter inkl. Sirup- und Produktkühlung 2. CIP Anlage bestehend aus 2 Tanks inkl. Pumpe, Verrohrung und Wärmetauscher zum Aufheizen des Reinigungsmediums 3. Premixanlage/Karbonisierung Fabrikat: Melegari Typ: Mixjet 120 Baujahr: 2001 4. Blasmaschine Fabrikat: SIPA Typ: SF 12/6 Baujahr: 2001 inkl. Hochdruckkompressor inkl. Kühlung inkl. Preformzuführung 5. Lufttransport manuell einstellbar 6. Rinser / Füller / Verschließer - Block Fabrikat: Melegari Typ: Isojet 35.35.7 Baujahr: 2001 35-stelliger Rinser 35-stelliger Füller 7-stelliger Verschließer 7. Flaschentransport vom Füller zur Etikettiermaschine 8. Etikettiermaschine Fabrikat: PE Futura Typ: 6T/540/1S-1E (Heißleim) Baujahr: 2001 Min./Max. Etikettenlänge: 185 mm / 358 mm Min./Max. Etikettenhöhe: 30 mm / 180 mm Min./Max. Flaschendurchmesser: 55 mm / 110 mm Min./Max. Flaschenhöhe: 150 mm / 370 mm 9. Flaschentransport von der Etikettiermaschine zur Folieneinschlagmaschine 10. Folieneinschlagmaschine Fabrikat: SMI Typ: LSK 25 F Baujahr: 2013 11. Gebindetransport 12. Palettenbelader Typ: UNI. MAC. PA 100 Baujahr: 2001

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Komplettte PET Linie KRONES

Capacity 22 000 bph in 1.5 liter PET 20 000 bph in 2.0 liter PET 28 000 bph in 0.5 liter PET 1. Preform feeding station Krones KIPP with a box kipper, elevator and feeding system 2. Blow Molding Machine Krones Contiform 21 • Krones number 782 - 021 • Number of cavities 21 • Capacity 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l • Used for 0.5 liter, 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter PET PCO 1810 3. PET Compressor Francois CE 68 three stage, intercooled • Capacity FAD 50 m3/min • Inlet 1 bar, discharge pressure 42 bar • Compressor rotating speed 510 rpm • Electric motor Schorch 560 kW / 1485 rpm, 690 V / 50 Hz • Dryer cooler Francois HPET 10A5 4. Air conveyor Krones K 970-140, lenght about 70 m 5. Rinser Krones Variojet capacity 22 000 bph • 72 rinsing positions • Carousel diameter 2880 mm • Machine pitch 126 mm 6. Filler and capping block Krones Megafill VKP-PET 108 / 12 • 108 filling valves with neck handling • Counter pressure filling system with double evacuation • Short tube, single chamber, filling level control with return gas tube • Krones capper with 12 capping heads • Kassner cap feeding system with a belt elevator • Buffer tank 16 m3 7. Flash pasteurizer Steinecker • Capacity 140 / 400 hl • With Siemens Simatic Touch Screen 8. Mixer Krones DAP 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l 9. Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic Combi • Krones number K-071884 (year 2000) • Hot melt gluing with precut labels • Used for 1.5 and 2.0 liter PET - Max height 450 mm, diameter 75 mm 10. Contiroll/ Labeller Contiroll 17300 b/h 11. Laser marker 12. Variopac/ Shrink packer Variopac 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l 13. Pressant Universal

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