7,5 hl Sudhaus

SKU: 0874

B-1 Mash and cooking kettle, frequency controlled with Nord agitator (750 ltr)
B-2 Läutertun with marce remover (800 ltr)
B-3 Whirlpool with cooking kettle (750 ltr)
B-4 Buffertank (1.000 ltr)
B-5 Hot water tank (1.200 ltr)
B-6 Hot water tank, heatable (1.200 liter)
B-7 Wort cooler , GEA 10 hl/h
B-8 Electric cabinet
B-9 Frequency driver pump 2 pcs. KPA, 400V,
B-10 2 pcs pump St. Pedrollo Al-red 230V 0,75kW
B-11 Looking lantern 32

Brewery capacity:

10 hl within 8 hours
20 hl within 11 hours

The brewhouse is installed in Netherlands.
It's possible to inspect it during production, so you see everything is working.