Can filler O+H /FMC 40/6

SKU: 0949

with 40 filling valves and 6head seamer,
can type: 211/202 standard can,
capacity: approx. 30.000 cph by 330 ml standard cans
The machine is complete reconditioned and in a condition like new
Year  of  manufacturing: 1997

If desired we can also modify the machine for can type 202 / 200 slim line cans.


data sheet


The reconditioning of the machine includes the following:

- complete dismantling of the filler and seamer
- complete reconditioning of the filling valves
- complete reconditioning of the product inlet piep
- new main bearing
- all bearings are checked and changed if necessary
- all gears are completely reconditioned
- all seaming rolls of the Ferrum seamer are completely changed
- new main motor
- new PLC Siemens S7
- new electrical panel
- new pneumatic panel
- inclusive beer pressure regulating valve
- including Co² injection before seaming
- inclusive CIP dummy bottles
Filler and seamer are mounted on a stainless steel frame.

After the reconditioning the filler and seamer are in a condition like new.