Can filling line, capacity: 24.000 cph

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Can filling line
capacity: approx. 24.000 cph
filling product: softdrinks
can size: 330 ml and 500 ml standard cans
can type: 211/202
consisting of:

1. Can depalletizer König
with automatic can infeed system
with Siemens S7 PLC
including can table, pallet magazin, sheet removal system
the depalletizer is fixed for the following pallet dimensions: 1.180 x 1.250 mm

2. Can rinser Transtech Hysek
to rins new cans with filtered water
infeed height: approx. 2.500 mm
outfeed height: approx. 1.200 mm

3. Can filler and seamer KHS / Ferrum
- Filler Innofill EMD 76 with 76 filling valves blocked with
- Can seamer Ferrum type: F708G with 8 seaming stations
the filler and seamer will be complete reconditioned in our workshop
including new electric control panel with PLC Siemens S7
including Danfoss frequency inverter
including beer pressure regulating valve
including CIP dummies
including Co2 injection before seaming
fixed for 330 and 500 ml standard cans

4. Mixer Falterbaum type FAMiX 12
capacity: 13.000 ltr./h
with 3 components (water, syrup, flavour)
Bran and Lübbe pump
incl. vacuum pump

5. CIP station, semi-automatically
consisting of 3 x 800 ltr. tanks
including plate heat exchanger
including pipe and valves
including electric panel
complete mounted on a stainless steel frame

6. Fill height control Heuft type Basic x-ray
including pushing station

7. Can warmer system SMB
to warm up the cans from +/- 4° C to 20° C
stainless steel

8. Air drying can station Kahl & Schlichterle or Gesete
new machine
including control panel

9. Can conveyor system for the whole line,
complete incl. electrical panel,
ncl. PLC Siemens S 7,
incl. Danfoss frequency inverter

10. Can inverters to turn the cans before and after
the pasteurizer for 330 ml  and 500 ml cans

11. Tray erector / tray packer and shrinking tunnel Mimpack
new machine
to put 24 cans on a tray incl. foil and incl. shrinking
capacity: up to 20 trays/h
- incl. new PLC Siemens S7
- incl. new electrical panel

12. Tray transport system between tray packer and palletizer
incl. motors, incl. 90° curve, incl. electrical panel

13. Palletizer Mimpack or similar  - new machine
fixed for trays with 24 cans - 330 ml and 500 ml
incl. PLC Siemens S7

14. Pallet magazine for the palletizer to storage pallets for the palletizer

15. 3 pallet stations with motor between pallet magazine and palletizer
+ 3 pallet stations after the palletizer, electrical connected with the palletizer