Can filling line - capacity: around 20.000 - 30.000 cph

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Complete canning line
Capacity: approx. 30.000cph by 330ml cans (if you run the line without the tunnel pasteurizer)
Approx. 20.000cph by 330ml cans (if you run the line with the tunnel pasteurizer)
Can type: 211/202 standard cans (330ml and 500ml)
Filling product: beer (with installation of a mixer it is also possible to fill CSD, etc.)
Packaging: 24 cans on a tray (6x4) and shrinked into foil
Palletizing: automatically
Electric: mainly Siemens S5
The line is still complete installed in Denmark and it is under electric power. If you want to inspect the line it is poosible to make a dry run with the machines. The line was in production until beginning of 2022. This is why the line is in a good running condition. The overall year of manufacturing of the machines is 1990. The lines includes all available spare parts for the machines and Metop can seaming controll system.

Can depaletizer König
With automatic pallet infeed system (with empty cans)
Empty pallet dimensions: 1180mm x 1250mm
With Siemens S7 electric and Danfoss frequency drives
Incl. can table, pallet magazine, sheet removal system, saftey housing

Can rinser Transtech Hysek
To clean the empty cans with filtered water before filling
Gravity rinser with can invertors

Can filler and seamer SEN (KHS) / Ferrum
Type HW 48 with 48 filling valves blocked with a Ferrum seamer with 6 seaming stations (type: F308)
Incl. automatic can end feeding system
Incl. beer pressure regulation valve
Incl. under lid CO2 injection system

Tunnel pasteurizer Sander Hansen
Type: 11,7 – 0/I
Stainless steel machine with stainless steel main chain
With 6 heating/cooling zones
Pasteurization area: approx. 40 sqm
Overall dimensions approx.: 5300 x 12000mm

Tray erector and tray packer Meypack/Doboy with shrinking system and heating tunnel
Type: TF-1L
With Siemens S7 electric
With Robatech hot glue system
To put 24 can (6x4) on a tray (330ml and 500ml cans) and shrink into foil

Complete can conveyor, tray conveyor and pallet conveyor system
Paletizer System Meypack

To palatize the trays on a pallet
With grouping station
Incl. pallet magazine