CSD Filler Ortmann + Herbst 100 / 15 / 15

SKU: 1006

Counter pressure filler Ortmann + Herbst with Zalkin screw capper for aluminium screw caps and second crowner for crown caps has been filling carbonated soft drinks and mineral water with CO2 in glass bottles. The filler is still installed in Germany and can be inspected on side during production. The Ortmann + Herbst Hansa B filler is an "easy-to-handle and very reliable" mechanically controlled pressure filler for glass bottles. If you use nitrogen instead CO2 you can fill also products without CO2, like for example juice. The fill level is determind by the filling tube. 

In 2018 all 100 filling valves and the product inlet pipe as well as the "product distributer" were renewed. 

Unique features

  • Year of manufacturing: 1995
  • with 100 filling valves, 15head Zalkin aluminium screw capper, 15head crown capper
  • Running direction: right - left
  • Pitch: 115 mm
  • Capacity: up to 38.000 bph based on 250 ml glass bottles
  • Working hours: 30.000 h
  • Electric: Siemens S 5 PLC, bottle burst: S 7
  • with automatic fill level control system
  • with complete safety housing around the machine
  • Availability: End of 2019