Filling line for non-returnable PET bottles KRONES / KHS

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Filling line for non-returnable PET bottles Krones/KHS
capacity: 12.000 bph by 1,5 ltr. PET bottles
               14.000 bph by 1,0 ltr. PET bottles
               18.000 bph by 0,5 and 0,33 ltr. PET bottles
neck:       PCO 28-1881 shorty
year of manufacturing:  2000 and 2010
filling product: still water and CSD
filling temperature: up to 20°C
packs: pad with foil or foil only
pallet: Euro pallet 1.200 x 800 mm

consisting of:

Blowing machine Krones Contiform S10
year of manufacturing: 2010
heating modul in infra red
with preform feeder Tanner/Krones
with tipper, container, elevator, roller sorter, infeed and chiller KKT Kraus
without compressor and moulds

Air conveyor Krones AirCo
year of manufacturing: 2010
with bottle bottom cooling in discharge of blow moulder
rail pneumatic adjustable

KHS Innofill 70/80/10
year of manufacturing: 2000
- rinser with 70 rinsing stations, 1-channel
- filler with 80 filling valves, with neck-handling, with touch
- screw capper Zalkin with 10 closing heads, prepared for
  a second capper

Cap feeder Gassner

Falterbaum Mixer type: 30000TD
year of manufacturing: 2000
with Siemens Simatic

CIP station Impianti di Processo 030SA
year of manufacturing: 2000

Fill height control Heuft Spektrum TX
inspection of filling height and cap

Labelling machine KHS Anker
year of manufacturing: 2000
for wrap around paper label
with label magazine, teeth belt for bottle turning of cylindrical bottles, hot glue unit

Coder Videojet Excel 170i
for coding on bottles neck

Packing machine ZVT
year of manufacturing 2000
infeed with 6 lanes
mechanical bottle control
3x4 packs (0,33 and 0,5 ltr.) with pad carton
double magazine for pad
2 foils
without register mark
with shrinking tunnel, grid belt
with cooling unit on discharge

Handle applicator Twinpack MHTE
year of manufacturing: 2000
double lane with transparent foil and label magazin

Label dispencer Willet
for labelling of packs

Palletizer KHS Innopal
1 loading station, double infeed, internal turning station
row pusher and push plate to pallet
layer pad magazine and inserter
pallet magazine

Pallet stretcher Robopac
turning arm, down holder

Bottle conveyor, pack conveyor and pallet conveyor