Flowing pasteurizer type “H&G-150”

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Year: 2007, overhaul 2017
Productivity: 15000 l./ h.
Product: beer
Pasteurizer: plate-type
Cooler product: Propylene glycol
Heating method: steam
The pasteurization process is controlled by a processor: "Siemens S7-300".

This equipment is used for pasteurizing a product using the short-term heating as a method.
The productivity (the quantity of pasteurized product per hour) of the pasteurizer is set by default.
PU is set according to the pasteurization temperature of the product.

Fundamental parameters of pasteurizer:
- Inlet temperature of product to pasteurizer: +2°C ÷ + 4C°;
- Temperature of product pasteurization: +72°C;
- Time of pasteurization: 30 sec;
- Outlet temperature of product from pasteurizer: +2°C ÷ + 4°C;


- Three-section Plate heat exchanger: «SCHMIDT», Germany;
- Tubular holder: (AISI 304);
- High-pressure pump: «CSF», Italy;
- Plate heat exchanger steam-water: «FUNKE», Germany;
- Circulation pump for hot water: LOWARA», Italy;
- Control valve for steam: «BURKERT», Germany;
- Steam trap: «MIYAWAKI», Japan;
- Conductometer: «BURKERT», Germany;
- Flowmeter: BURKERT», Germany;
- Control cabinet with automatic adjustment system
and management of the pasteurization process: «Siemens S7-300», Germany
- A frame: (AISI 304);
- Pipeline armature: (AISI 304);
- Pneumatic valves: «APV», Italy;
- Control valve for refrigerant: «BURKERT», Germany.

All these systems are installed on one big frame.

The pasteurizer works in automatic cycle since the launch and continuously maintains the desired performance and pasteurization units.

Regulates the operation of all systems indicates their state automatically switches to recirculation mode on the water on or off in an emergency (lack of product on the input delay in admission - a long simple filling line, the lack of steam power, electricity, air, etc...)

When filling the buffer tank of more than 50% automatically reduces performance while maintaining specified pasteurisation units (PU).

When filling the buffer tank of more than 85% of beer is an automatic ejection water into the buffer container and the pasteurizer works in water circulation mode.

By reducing the level of beer in the buffer tank of less than 50% is an automatic (without operator intervention), the water pushing beer and further into the sewer system works in mode pasteurization.

High precision measurements with beer or water ejection is provided by means of the flowmeter.

Pasteurizer control system provides the exchange of signals (communication) with the filling machine and the CIP.

The tubular keeper is made of tubes (material AISI 304) with a total length provides the performance 150 hl / h and exposure time of 30 seconds.

Installed power 20kW
Feeding voltage 3/N/PE AC 400V 50Hz
Control voltage 24V DC
Steam consumption at the beginning of work 290-340 kg/h
Steam consumption during the stable operation 180-200 kg/h
Temperature of steam 130 ºC-140 ºC
Steam pressure 2.5 -3 bar
Operating pressure of air 0.6MPa
Security grade IP 54
Dimensions of pasteurizer length 2500 mm,
width 1800 mm,
height 2200 mm.

As option we can offer you:

Buffer tank 3 bar with insulation, NEW

The buffer tank of 7000 liters,.

The buffer tank consist of:

- a washing head
- a level sensor (3pcs)
- a return pump CIP from the buffer tank with a sensor of liquid quantity
- a valve for remaining pressure
- a vacuum valve
- a CO2 reducer and return valve