PET filling line - capacity: 14.000 bph - by 1,5 ltr. and 2,0 ltr.

SKU: 1066

Bottle sizes:  1,5 ltr. / 2,0 ltr. PET    
Used for filling: CSD    
Cap type: PCO 28 mm (1881 Short neck)    
Packages: Shrink pack, Euro palette with tray    
Conditions: Good, regularly serviced

consisting of:

Blow molding machine SIDEL SBO 10 Roue
year of manufacturing: 2004    
Bottle formats: 1.5L / 2L PET    
Forms included: Yes (1.5 L and 2.0 L)    
Other remarks:
Chiller included, preforms hopper and feeder included    

Rinser - Filler – Capper SIDEL    
Type: RV.P60/80.10KAOR    
year of manufacturing: 2004    
Bottle formats: 1.5L / 2L PET    
with 60 rinsing stations, with 80 filling valves and 10head Arol capping machine cap type: PCO 28 mm
(1881 Short neck)

Mixer MORÁVEK type: MIX 360CE/1    
year of manufacturing: 2004    
capacity: 40 000 ltr. / h     

Labelling machine SIDEL Type: ROLLQUATTRO F15 18T/R/HH3 S1/E1 DX, year of manufacturing: 2008    
Number of labelling stations: 1 stations, Hot Melt    Label material: OPP Label
positions: Wrap around

Date coder Videojet type: 1520
year of manufacturing: 2015

Shrink wrapper SMI type: SK 450 F
year of manufacturing: 2004
try possibility: no
format: 2 x 3

Carry handle applicator CEFMA type: CH120
year of manufacturing: 2005

Palletizer Kettner / Krones

Pallet wrapper: Pragometal

Conveyor systems
Air conveyors: approx. 90 m
Bottle conveyors: approx. 100 m
Pack conveyors: approx. 48 m