PET Tribloc AVE / O + H / Alcoa 60 / 80 /14

SKU: 0999

with 60 rinsing stations, 80 filling valves and 12 head screw capper
The tribloc will be fixed for your bottles:
2,0 l dia 99,8   x H= 350,00 mm - capacity: 7.000 bph
1,0 l dia 81,37 x H= 276,17 mm - capacity: 14.000 bph
0,6 l dia 68,0   x H= 245,16 mm - capacity: 20.000 bph

The filler and rinser will be complete dismantled.
All gear wheels on the filler are brand new. Also the main bearing will be renewed.
The filling valves will be complete renewed into new generation neck holding filling valves. The product
inlet pipe will be renewed. All gears will be renewed.
Also the Alcoa screw capper will be complete dismantled and modified, with a pick in place system to handle 28mm plastic screw caps. The AVE rinser will be also complete dismantled and rebuild from the beginning.
The filling valves of the filler are neck holding filling valves so the filler doesn't have lifting cylinders anymore. The complete bottle transport during rinsing,filling and capping will be neck holded.
The AVE rinser rins the bottles with ozonewater.
One new ozone generator is included in the offer.
The tribloc it's like new after reconditioning. Also the electro panel incl. frequency invertor and PLC Siemens S7 is new. The pneumatic panel is also new. Also the tribloc gets a new safety cover, safety doors and windows. CIP-Dummies and pressure regulating valves it's also included.
The tribloc will be fixed for your 0,5 and 2,0 ltr. PET-bottle.