SIG Combibloc filling line

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SIG Combibloc filling line
capacity: 12.000 packs/hour
packaging size: 125 / 200 / 235 / 250 ml
suitable products: milk, juices, water, ice tea etc.
filling system: aseptic and non-aseptic filling
running hours: 35.000 h
with Siemens PLC S7-400 with HMI touch panel
inclusive: buffer table, straw applicator, tray packer and shrinking machine
year of manufacturing: 2008
consisting of:

1. SIG Combibloc filling machine type: CFA 112-32
with 4 lines, 88 pockets and 2 filling stations

2. Straw applicator Geyssel 539
year of manufacturing: 2010
capacity: up to 18.000 packs/h
ear side with 3 glue points (U-shape straw)
including Nordson glue tank

3. Buffer table Meurer type: CM/HSP
capacity: 18.000 packs/h
with 28 lanes

4. Tray packer Meurer type: SM/HTW
capacity: 20.000 packs/h
with Nordson hot glue unit
with Meurer shrinking machine CM/SB60

5. Complete conveyor system Meurer