Tunnel pasteurizer TP-HRW 20

SKU: 0836

Year issue: 2017 – new
Capacity: approx. 20.000 cph (depends on can type and product)
complete stainless steel machine

Product: has to be specified
Can type: has to be specified

Heating method: Steam - Plate heat exchanger in outside of pasteurizer
Material: Stainless steel AISI 304


Temperature of product (inlet temperature) in pasteurizer: 2° - +6°
Temperature of product (outlet temperature) from pasteurizer: +27° - +30°
Pasteurizing temperature: +72° - +75°
Holding on pasteurizing temperature: 12.5 min
Heat consumption (steam by 3-4 bar) during stable operation: 480-550 Kg/h
Temperature of steam: +140°
Water consumption during stable operation: 0,5 – 0,9 m³/h.
Consumption of compressed air 6 bar: 500-700 nl/h
Total power consumption: 30 kw
Supply voltage: 3F/N/PE/~, 50Hz,
Control voltage: 400 Volt
Degree of protection: IP-54
Working area: 38.3 m²
Dimensionss of a pasteurizer: (LxWxH) 14.400 x 3.700 x 1.970 mm.
Pasteurizer is composed: from 6 modules
Total time of the production cycle from the bottles entering
in the pasteurizer to their output: 50 minutes