Aseptic PET filling line for PCO 28 mm

Artikelnummer: 0664

Excellent condition ultra clean filling line for carbonated soft drinks with fresh juices and juice mixtures, cola type products and other CSD. The equipment has been always serviced by Krones. The line is still installed and can be tested.
Complete automatic ultra clean – aseptic filling line for carbonated and non-carbonated juices, soft drinks, cider, water made by Krones and GEA in 2010. The line has always serviced by Krones service and thus, is in excellent condition. Rinsing, filling and capping compartment of the line is aseptic and filled with CO2 gas. Blow molder is directly connected to the ultraclean - aseptic filling bloc without any air conveyor used. Filling valves are sterilized with steam and the rest with Preracetic Acid C2H4O3 solution. Process department is made by GEA and it can produce various fully aseptic products and other beverages. Packing department has very versatile Krones Variopac Pro for shrink, shrink tray and a new in year 2015 Krones Robopox palletizer.

Manufacturer:             Krones and GEA  
Manufacturing year:   2010  
Filling process:           Ultra Clean – Aseptic  
Suitable for:                 Carbonated drinks   
Current product:         Apple juice with water and CO2  
Currently used container sizes: PET 0,5 l, 1,0 l and 1,5 l
Neck format:                 PCO 1810 – 28 mm  
Capacity:  24.000bph for 0,5 l and
                18.000bph for 1,5 l  
Control PLCs:            Siemens Simatic S7-series
Working hours:              approx. 40.000 hours

consisting of:
•  Krones VarioClean F AUT Fully Automatic CIP System       4 x 5000 liters, 30 m3/h KB80279  
•  GEA TDS Processing Plant with flash pasteurizer, mixer,    carbonator, degasser and tanks  
•  Preform kipper and feeding conveyors K823K88  
•  Preform feeding system Krones Contifeed RS K998105  
•  Preform cleaning unit Prejet Linear K436129  
•  Cassner cap feeding system with cap rinsing and
•  Blow moulder Krones Contiform S12M K431009    
•  Ultra Clean Krones volumetric filler type Volumetric
   VODM-PET 2.160-66-103 and capper K123932  
•  Ultra Clean Krones Vario Dos filler block cleaning
   system KB59091  
•  Date coder Domino DDC 3 (laser) K820M32  
•  Filling level inspector Krones Checkmat 731 FM-X+L
•  Bottle conveyors SYNCO S K995R01   
•  Krones Flowliner bottle leaking tester    
•  Labelling machine Krones Contiroll OPP 720-15
   K745R56 double roll feed label with hot glue  
•  Label inspector Krones Checkmat 731 EM K731G50  
•  Shrink – Tray packer Krones VarioPro FS KR96016  
•  Packet conveyors Krones Multico S KKR67785  
•  Handle applicator Twin Pack K820N94  
•  Pack coding Leisinger Jet 3 (ink)  
•  Palletizer Krones Robopox Modulpal year 2016