Aseptic PET filling line KRONES - Capacity: 12.000 bph

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Aseptic PET filling line KRONES - capacity: 12.000 bph
This line was installed new in 2011, operation start was in 2013
Capacity: 12 000 bph -  500 ml or 1000 ml
Filling volume is adjustable up to 2000 ml

Following products can be filled:
- Still fruit juices
- Milk based products (flavored milks, white milk, ambient yoghurt, cream, protein drink)
- Ice tea
All of them were confirmed by Krones as possible drinks to be filled on this filling line.

The volume range of the filler is from approx. 150ml up to 2 500ml.
The height of the bottle can be from 130 to 346 mm.
Filler type is volumetric, with 40 filling valves

Neck finish: 38 mm wide mouth

All piping needs to flushed with hydroxide then acid and then flushed with water. Final sterilization is done by steam and sterile water.

The line is consisting of:


Blow molder Krones Contiform S 08– heating oven for preheating and blowing machine to blow preforms

Injector Steriljet L– to clean PET bottles from inside and outside with peracetate acid

Rinser  Variojet– to flash out PET bottles with sterile water and dry out with sterile air
Filler Volumetric with 40 filling valves- to fill bottles with product

Capper with 16 capping heads – to apply caps on the bottles

Checkmat – to check proper amount of the product inside bottle and to check correct application of cap

Process control system – control system of the line

Labelling machine Sleevematic – to apply shrink sleeves onto the bottles

Shrinkmat – shrinking of the sleeve film

Modulpal – to make sixpacks (pack bottles)

Support systems
- Conveyors
- Hygienic center – to prepare cleaning agents

Sterile water machine