Can filling line - capacity: 1.200 cph

Artikelnummer: 0915

Can filling line - capacity: 1.200 cph
Can size: 250 ml - slim line can
Can type: 202 / 200

consisting of:


Can rinser system Kahl & Schlichterle, Hysek  
type Rinsstar 1500 with 2 pcs - 180° C inverters
incl. rinsing station
condition like new, also the inverters are new
to rins new slim line cans with water

Can filler CIME Careddu Diamond 6 / 1
with 6 filling valves and 1head seamer
filling product: beer, softdrinks and alcoholic beverages fixed for can type 202 / 200

Parts to handle the slim line cans

Tunnel pasteurizer KHS type: Enzinger DS 4500
capacity up to 6.000 cans
inlet temperature: +/-  4° C
outlet temperature: +/-  32° C
pasteurization temperature: 62° C
total time of the cans inside the pasteurizer: 23 min
time of pasteurization: 5,5 min.
The pasteurizer has 3 zones:
- 1 zone heating
- 1 zone pasteurization
- 1 zone cooling

Can drying station in front of the labelling machine
including air pump and pipes
blowing stations mounted on a stainless steel frame

Labelling machine Clemens Type Enos
to label one self adhesive label all around - new machine

Thermo printer to print the date on the cans

180°  inverter before and behind the pasteurizer

Carbonisation pump Winterwerb & Streng
mounted on a stainless steel frame
incl. pressure pump
incl. product pump
incl. carbonsation station
incl. isolated product tank
complete reconditioned, incl. new electrical panel with
 2 pcs Siemens frequency controllers to adjust the speed of the two pumps
complete reconditoned with the CIME can filler

Bottle conveyor system as per installation plan
incl. gear motors
incl. control panel
electrically connected with all machines
see attached layout plan

Product cooling station, consisting of:
Water cooler Rehsler type: TAE evo
Plate heat exchanger (one side cool water / one side product) Terhoven type: DTH-SLS 70
Electrical panel, pipes, valves and pumps
approx 400 ltr. storage product tank
mounted on a frame
to cool down a product with approx. 20°C to approx. 3°C
before carbonating and filling
new machine


sold to Ireland