Krones Aseptic PET filling line for juices and beverages

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Krones Aseptic PET filling line
products: juices and still beverages
capacity: 12.000 - 14.000 bph
bottle sizes: 200 - 2.000 ml
bottle neck: 38 mm widemouth
year of manufacturing: 2008
consisting of:

1. Sterile water treatment system Krones type Aquasept
    product: defined sterile water
    capacity: 10 / 15 m³/h
    heat recovery: 91% by plaste heat exchanger
    pasteurizing temperature: 135°C
    hot holding time: 60 sec.

   - Sterile water for CAF
   - CIP/SIP for the aseptic filler block- Filler rinsing at
   production change or production end

   - Through VarioClean
   - Through concentrates
   Control unit: PCS, connection to LDS

2. Pasteurizer HF Finnatec
    capacity: 5.000 - 18.000 ltr./h
    for fruit and vegetable juices


3. Sterile tank Ritter
   type: KPT-6014-30
   capacity: 20.000 ltr.

4. Preform tipper Tanner
   type: KPT-6014-30
   year of manufacturing: 2014

5. Compressor AF Atelier Francois
   type: CE46S

6. Blow molder / Sterilizer / Rinser / Filler / Capper Krones
   type: Contiform S8 / Sterijet / Variojet / Volumetic
   capacity: 12.000 bph by 1.000 and 1.500 ml bottles
                   14.400 bph by 330 ml bottles
   neck size: 38 mm widemouth
   products: non-carbonated beverages with and without

7. Aseptic liquid nitrogen dosing unit Terboven
   type: Iste-Aseptik 4
   pressure increase and displacing oxygen in the
   headspace of PET bottles filled with nen-carbonated
   beverages in aseptic filling lines

8. Labeller Krones Contiroll
   to label wrap-around labels with hot glue

9. Shrink tunnel Kettner
   type: Variopac ST 72/1 - 3000/1200 - N

10. Handle applicator Comag
    type: H55/1

11. Bottle conveyors, packed bottle conveyors, pallet
     transport, pallet loader, control machines Krones