KRONES Aseptic PET filling line

Artikelnummer: 1138

Capacity: 18.000 bph by 1000ml PET bottles (other bottle volumes have the same capacity)
Products: with and without Co2 like: water with and without CO2, juices, ice tea, soft-drinks, malt beer, juices mixed with CO2-water etc. (milk products are not possible)
Filling temperature 15 degrees, CO2 content: 8,0 gr./ltr., maximum PH-value: 4,8, maximum fiber-lenght by juices: 1mm (cold aseptic filling)
Capping: PCO 28-1810 and Sportcaps (1810)
Year of manufacturing: 2007
Working hours: approx: 45.000
Bottle formats: 300ml / 500ml / 750ml / 1000ml / 1500ml   (pitch: 113mm)
Labelling: sleeve lable or OPP from the roll by hot glue
Packaging: 3x2 by 1000ml, 750 ml and 500ml packs
                   shrinked into foil
                   4x3 by 500ml packs shrinked into foil    
Paletizing: Europalett or half palett
Electric: Siemens S7-300
Availability: April 2021

The Line is in production until calender week 16 / 2021 and can be inspected in Germany
EXCLUSIVE: high pressure compressor, blowing moulds, product treatment system

consisting of:



1.Blowing machine KRONES II S12, with 12 blowing stations. Chiller KKT and „air wizard system“ (recycling of the air). Inclusive: chute and complete preform feeding system

2.Preform buffer system KRONES Acculing (instead o fair conveyor) between outlet blowing machine and inlet from the sterilisator, complete neck-handling system

3.Sterlisation system KRONES Variodes, bottle sterilisation inside and outside of the bottle with steam and H2O2

4.Rinser KRONES Variojet with 60 rinsing stations, rinsing with steril water and steril air (2-channel rinser), hygienic rooftable platform

5.Filler KRONES Volumetic with 80 filling valves and 20 head screw capper incl. pick-and-place systems for normal caps and sport caps, pitch: 113mm, hygienic rooftable platform
Inclusive: Cap feeding system GASSNER for both kinds of caps, cap strilisation with H2O2, KRONES Aquasept for steril water treatment and H2O2, nitrogen dosing system for products without CO2
The complete sterilzed room (from inlet strilizator to outlet filler is under pressure with steril air (HEPA-filters)
The aseptic area has to be strialized after 72h for 7h with CIP and sterilization

6.Fill-height control system KRONES Checkmat inclusive push-out station

7.Labelling machine 1: KRONES Sleevematic with shrinking tunnel

8.Labelling machine 2: KRONES Prontomodul with Cotiroll agregate for labelling OPP lables by hot melt around the bottle

9.Bottle blower GESETE, type: Airknife

10.Dating unit Videojet

11.Complete bottle conveyor system with plastic chain KRONES, incl. conveyor lubrication system

12.Packiging machine KRONES Variopac, only foil shrinking (without tray), printed foil is possible, 2-lane machine, with shrinking tunnel heated by electric

13.Pack labelling machine Logopack, 2-lane machine

14.Handle applicator TWIN-PACK, 2-lane machine

15.Paletizer KRONES Robot, grouping station at 1st floor, üpaletizing grounf floor (height: 7mtr.), incl. empty palet magazine and layer sheet systems

16.Complete pack conveyor system KRONES

17.Complete pallet conveyor system

18.Pallet foiling machine LACHENMEIER incl. shrinking system

19.Pallet labeling Logopack