PET Abfüllanlage, Leistung: 29.500 Fl./h

Artikelnummer: 1249

PET filling line
capacity: 29.500 bph at 1,5 ltr. with lemonade
                34.800 bph at 1,5 ltr. with sparkling water
neck type: 28 mm
packaging: film only (3x2)
                   Euro pallet 1.200 x 800
                   Düsseldorfer pallet 600 x 800
condition: regularly serviced, very good condition

This line is still in operation and will be available in January 2023.

consisting of:

1. Blow molding machine KHS type Blomax B24C
    year of manufacturing: 2008
   including preform-tipper Mucki MD3
   including silo SBT, overhad conveyor FBT, preform
   feeder ZVT, horizontal belt RFT
   preform-channel ASTK, Tanner, stainless steel
   but without forms

2. Filler and capper KHS type Innofill DRV-VF-PET
    year of manufacturing: 2000
    with 176 filling valves and 27 capping heads
    electriconical filling system
    running direction: from left to right
    including foam cleaning, clean room with full-housing
    including cap feeder Gassner DS600, 2 chutes,
    cascade elevator, sorting feed in closed groove

3. Mixer KHS type Contimix 65/6/T20
    year of manufacturing: 2001
    capacity: 65.000 ltr./h
    6 components
    including Brix measurement (Anton Paar),
    pumps (Hilge)

4. Cap and fill level control KHS type Innocheck CUB
    year of manufacturing: 2013
    including all-around detection with camera system
    pusher in container

5. Laser date coder Videojet
    year of manufacturing: 2013

6. Labelling machine Sacmi
    type Opera 300 RF26T/RS1/E1
    year of manufacturing: 2012
    to label wrap-around labels
    1 labelling station with label from a roll
    with 26 bottle plates

7. Label control KHS  type Innocheck CUB
    year of manufacturing: 2015
    including light barrier on the carousel of the labeller
    pusher in container

8. Shrink wrapper KHS Kisters type Innopack SP060V
    year of manufacturing: 2001
    packing: film only, double lane 3x2
    capacity: 60 cycles/min.

9. Handle applicator KHS type Innopack CMS 70/2
    year of manufacturing: 2011
    capacity: 70 cycles/min., double-track processing
    for laminated handle self-adhesive from the roll
    including magazines for label strips

10. Palettizer Schaefer type MultiRob-HighS
      year of manufacturing: 2011
      infeed of packs 2-lane on 1-lane grouping station,
      loading head as 2-part sliding plate with centering unit
      including inserter with layer stack on scissor lift table
      protective fence (Troax)

11. Pallet wrapper - 2 pcs - Strema type A5000Bll
      year of manufacturing: 2011
      double head, 2 foil coils, lifting and hold-down device

12. Conveyor systems:
      - air conveyor
      - bottle conveyors KHS with plastic chain,
        with rigid railings, with dry lubrication
      - pack conveyors Schaefer
        year of manufacturing: 2011
      - pallet conveyors Schaefer
        year of manufacturing: 2011