PET filling line for beer - 18.000 bph

Artikelnummer: 1217

PET filling line for beer - capacity: 18.000 bph
18 000 bph with 0.75 L
18 000 bph with 1.25 L
18 000 bph with 1.5 L
14 000 bph with 2.0 L
Bottle sizes:
0.4 L, 0.75 L, 1.25 L, 1.5 L (two sets of molds), 2 L

Used for filling beer and flavored beer
Cap type: PCO 1881
Packages: Film only (2x3 and 3x4)
Condition: very good, regularly serviced.
Long-term efficiency over 92.5 %.
Filler – 29 000 working hours.
Blow molder – 22 000 working hours.

consisting of:

Blower + Filler + Capper KRONES
blow molding machine Contiform S10  
year of manufacturing:      2011  
Other remarks:
Preforms handling included.  
Chiller included.  
Preform treatment included.  

Filler + Capper KRONES Typ Modufill
with 100 filling valves and 10 capping heads
Cap type:      PCO 1881  

Other remarks:  
Cap feeder included.  
Filler air conditioning.  
Air pre-filters and HEPA filters.  
Foam cleaning.  
High pressure compressor Atelier Francois
Type:    CE6SG40  
Pasteurizer KRONES Type: V ARIO FLASH B TPB 30  
capacity:      30 000 L/hour  
Other remarks:  CO2 pressure  
Buffer tank 112,4 hl  
Inspector of fill level and cap presence KRONES
Typ: Checkmat 731 FM-G  
Bottle dryer KRONES Type:    Linadry C1M  
Labeling machine KRONES Contiroll Combi  
Label:  Plastic from roll  
Label positions:  wrap around  
Inspector KRONES Type: Checkmat 731 FEM-G  

Bottle laser coder MACSA Type: KSIP-1030 PLUS  
Year of manufacturing: 2015  
Shrink packer KRONES Type: VARIOPAC PRO FS-6  
Printed film:      Yes  
Try possibility:  No  
Packages configuration:      2x3 and 3x4  
Other remarks:  Including handle applicator.  
Pack coder Domino  Type: A220  
Year of manufacturing: 2016  
Palletizer KRONES Type: Modulpal 2A  
Other remarks: Preparation of layers by Krones Robobox.  
Palette wrapper Robopac  Type: VITESS  
Palette labeler Logopack  Type: 920 II PF
Conveyor systems:      
Bottle conveyors      Included
Pack conveyors      Included