SIDEL PET filling line

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SIDEL PET Filling Line
Capacity: approx. 10.000 bph by 1000ml PET bottles
        approx. 11.000 bph by 500ml PET bottles
Products: with and without Co2 like: water with and without CO2,  soft-drinks, applejuice mixed with CO2-water, etc.
Capping: PCO 28-1810
Year of manufacturing: 2000 / working hours: approx: 12.500
Bottle formats: 500ml and 1000ml / other bottle formats are possible  (pitch: 115mm)
Labelling: Pre-cutted plastic label around the bottle by hot glue
2x3 by 1000ml packs shrinked into foil (printed foil is possible)
3x4 by 500ml packs shrinked into foil    
Multipacks: 4x6 packs 1000ml in a tray

consisting of:

Palletizing: Europalett
Electric: Siemens S7-300
Availability: Immediatley / Line is out of production but still installed and connected with electric power in Germany / Last production : November 2020
EXCLUSIVE: blowing moulds and chiller for blowing machine (because its centralized)
1.    Blowing machine SIDEL SBO 8 Series II, with 8 blowing stations.
 Inclusive: high pressure compressor Neumann & Esseer, chute and complete preform feeding system
2.    Air conveyor SIDEL from outlet blowing machine to the inlet of the tribloc
3.    Tribloc SIDEL/Alsim 54/54/9
with 54 rinsing stations (2 station rinser), 54 filling valves (volumetric type) and 9 head plastic screw capper
inclusive: automatic cap feeding system
4.    Mixer SIDEL/ALSIM (capacity: 20.000ltr./h.)
5.    Automatic CIP system SIDEL/Alsim (2 tanks 2000ltr. each)
6.    Labelling machine SIDEL/P.E. for labelling pre-cutted plastic lables around the bottle by hot glue
7.    Bottle conveyor system SIDEL/Gebo incl. Löhrke conveyor lubrication system
8.    HEUFT fill high control system , incl. push-out station
9.    Foil shrinking machine SIDEL/Cermex to shrink bottles into foil, printed foil is possible, inclusive heating oven
10.    Handle applicator SIDEL/Twinpack
11.    Pack conveyor system SIDEL/Gebo
12.    Multi Packer SIDEL/Cermex with Kalfass foil shrinking system and heating tunnel
13.    Paletizer SIDEL /Cermex with palett streching machine Strema and palett magazine with palett labelling machine Markem
14.    Complete pallet conveyor system