Distillery & Bottling Plant Frilli Implianti 10.000 ltr.

This is a complete distillery to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol 10,000 liters / day from grapes and capable of packaging into glass bottles 0.25 - 0.50 liter. The equipment was supplied by the leading Italian manufacturer Frilli Implianti Srl in 2005. The production capacity can be increased in the future if required by adding additional equipment. Production was halted in 2008 - all the equipment has been retained and is complete and still installed, powered and in excellent condition. Equipment Overview Complete distillery to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol at 10,000 liters/day from grapes and capable of packaging into glass bottles either 0.25 - 0.50liter. a brewhouse could also be installed to produce whisky this would be in the region of 3.6million ltrs per year. The complete design process was supplied by the leading Italian manufacturer Frilli Implianti Srl. The production capacity can be increased in the future to 20,000 liters/day by adding additional equipment. The main items of distillation & process equipment: • Manufactured in 2005 by Frilli Implanti SrI. • Raw material feed stock currently used are fresh and dry grapes – The plant can be adjusted with additional equipment to suit other products& feed stocks • Raw material intake 20 t/h fresh and 5 t/h dry grapes, currently 8 working hours per day • Mash and fermentation process with 2 x 80 mash tanks and 5 x 100 m3 fermenters, 24 hours/day operation, production 6244 kg/h wine mash • ENA plant with 12 units of stills, each 6 m3, batch type operation • Continuous distillation plant with four columns, capacity 350 kg/h. This building structure of this department is a part of delivery • Product either Extra Neutral Alcohol 96.4% (or flavored vodka) or SUMA • Product capacity 10,000 liters in 24 hours ENA • Bottling plant 3,500 liters/hour • All site service equipment is available including the following: o Steam boilers o Water chillers for product cooling o Air compressors o Back-up generator o Waste water treatment o Fuel oil storage o Raw and cooling water pumps Equipment History • The equipment was installed in 2005 • The production facility has 5 million litres per year «Rak?» production capacity and has the infrastructure to produce 10 million litres per year • After 2008, production was ceased and machinery has been dormant ever since • The equipment is in great condition and ready for immediate removal, relocation and operation Production Capacity Grape Processing ton / hour ton / day ton / year Fresh Grape Processing (3month season) 20 120 10,800 Dried Grape Processing (year-long) 5 32 10,560 • Only grapes can be processed in the production facility • To process other raw materials, additional investment is required • Grape processing is limited by 125 m3 fermentation capacity Alcohol Distillation Raki (45) mA lt/day mA lt/year 100% SUMA 65% SUMA lt/ year lt/ year lt/year Suma production capacity 10,000 3,300,000 7,333,333 11,282,051 ENA production capacity 10,000 3,300,000 • SUMA: Grape alcohol with 93 –94% purity • ENA: Grape alcohol with 96.2% purity • SUMA or ENA may be distilled in alcohol distillation unit Raki Distillation mA lt/day mA lt/year lt/ day lt/ year 1 set imbik Raki distillation capacity 1,188 594 1,320 435,600 12 set imbik Raki distillation capacity 15,840 5,227,200 • Raki is distilled in 12 imbik sets. • Every imbik set is worked with 48- hour cycle Raki Bottling lt/ hour lt/ day lt/ year Total Raki Bottling (Single shift) 3,500 28,000 7,000,000 Process Equipment • AISI 304 stainless steel tanks used in the process are produced and installed by DESA boiler company • EKTAM provided a turnkey bottling Line Open, Closed areas & Tanks Closed Area Area (m2) Grape Processing and Suma Unit: 1,280 Raki Distillation Unit: 700 Raki Attenuation and Conditioning Unit: 840 Bottling Unit: 560 Supporting Units (boiler, water purification): 900 Purification Unit: 1,000 Social and Administrative Buildings: 1,200 Open Area Alcohol Inventory Area: 540 Grape: 840 Aniseed: 420 Bottle: 840 Finished Good: 700 Ramps and Platforms: 920 Total Construction Area: 10,740 Tanks: Alcohol Tanks: 500,000 Fermentation Tanks: 600,000 Conditioning Tanks 550,000 Supporting Equipment: Deep Well Pump #1 Depth: 30 m Capacity in Use: 100% Flow Rate: 25 m3 / hour Deep Well Pump #2 Depth: 42 m Capacity in Use: 0% (Backup) Flow Rate: 50 m3 / hour Deep Well Pump #3 Depth: 30 m Capacity in Use: 100% Flow Rate: 20 m3 / hour Boiler Room Boiler (with smoke tube and economiser) x2 Brand: Selkinel Boiler Burner: BGAC 350 (Fuel oil / LNG can be burnt) Heating: 3,360,000 kcal / hour Steam: 6 ton / hour Boiler Model: OYB/A Capacity in Use: 30% (As of 13.07.2007) Process Cooling HSK Water Cooling Tower (with 2 fan 30kw fan motors) x 2 Brand: HSK Cooling Systems Model: RSK -535 Cooling Capacity: 2616 kw Water Discharge : 225 m3 / hour Electrical Transformer and Energy Distribution Transformer Brand: ABB Model: TSPH-04093/900 Nominal Power: 1600 KVA Cooling: ONAN # of Levels: 6 Current Capacity According to power usage (34500 / 400 volts) 2310 ampere Capacity in Use: 10% (As of 13.07.2007) Diesel Generator Brand: Aksa Power: 800 KVA Factory Water Facility acquires water from its own water wells Raw Water Depot: 300 m3 (reinforced concrete and epoxy coated) Processed Water Depot: 300 m3 (reinforced concrete and epoxy coated)

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