Automatic Beer Bottling Line FRAMAX - 2.500 bph

consisting of: 1.) Depalletizer Type SP 3000 semi automatic depalletizer, Pick-up system pallet size: 1000 x 1200 mm The machine works with pallet 1000 x 1200mm with flat sheet in plastic or rigid cardboard between the different levels of containers. 2.) Labelling machine FRAMAX Self adhesive labelling machine with 3 labelling stations for the application of 3 labels Automatic rotary 4-heads labelling machine suitable to handle cylindrical or shaped containers in glass, metal or plastic by SELF-ADHESIVE system with: - A Body Label - A Back Label - A partial Neck Label 3.) Tribloc for beer FRAMAX Type: Modulblock RFCI-12/12/1-DPS/C with 12 filling valves, 12 rinsing stations and 1head crown corker, with double-pre-evacuation system, capacity: 2.000 bph by 500 ml glass bottles and 2.500 bph by 330 ml glass bottles, incl. safety housing, incl. vacuum pump, incl. water spray system before capping (to reduce the amount of oxygen) 4.) Complete conveyor system, connected with all the machines, incl. bottle outfeed table 5.) Bottle drying station airknife 6.) Semi automatic Monoblock case former & sealer THE MACHINE IS A MONOBLOCK COMBINING A SEMIAUTOMATIC CARTON FORMER FOR AMERICAN TYPE CARTONS AND TOP/BOTTOM TAPE SEALER, HAVING AN INCORPORATED MANUAL FILLING STATION OUTPUT: - 100 cartons /hour based on n°24 bottles total 2.400 b/h (cycle 36 sec) - 150 cartons /hour based on n°12 bottles total 1.800 b/h (cycle 24 sec) - 200 cartons /hour based on n°4 "6 packs" 24 bottles total 4.800 b/h (cycle 18 sec) Year of manufacturing: 2015

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Complete filling line for beer in glas bottles 30.000bph

Complete filling line for beer Capacity: 30.000bph based on 0,33ltr. glas bottles Labelling: paper-lables with cold glue (body, back and neck) Capping: Crown-Cork Packaging: 20/24/30 bottles into plastic-case Pallatizing: Plastic-cases on wodden-pallet consisting of: 1)Bottle-washingmachine KHS Type: Innoclean-EE 39/87 R32 K00 Year of manufacturing: 1998 with 39 bottles in a row one-end machine completley stainless steel size of bottle carrier: up to 0,5 ltr. longneck glas-bottle 2)Filling- and closing machine H&K/KHS Type: VVF 88/20 with 88 filling valves and 20 head crown-corker Year of manufacturing: 1998 incl. double pre-evacuation system Running direction: left-to-right 3)Bottle Inspection machine HEUFT Type: Spectrum TX HBB/RT/34 Year of manufacturing: 2007 Inspection Zone: bottom, mouth and side wall of the bottle 4)Labelling machine HEUFT Type: Tornado W HBBTW XXXX Year of manufacturing: 2010 to lable glas bottles with paper lables by cold glue (Body, Back and Back lable) 5)De-corking machine Rink Type: RK 940 Year of manufacturing: 2009 6)Case washing machine Falterbaum Type: KW 20 Year of manufacturing: 1979 complete stainless steel machine 7)Complete bottle and case conveyor system approx. 175 meters incl. 39 motor-drives 8)Case packing / Case unpacking machine BMS Type: BMS-EP-103-T-2000 / BMS-AP-105-T-2000 Year of manufacturing: 2009 with 6 packing heads each 9)De-palletizer / Palettizer Kettner Year of manufacturing: 1991 The whole equitment is installed in Germany

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Complete PET filling line KRONES - capacity: 32.000 bph

Blow Moulding / Filler-Bloc KRONES Manufacturer: Krones Capacity: 32.000 Bottles/h at 1,5 l Product: Non-carbonated water / carbonated water / softdrink Former User: 17°C filling temperature, CO2-content 3g/l 1,5l PET, outer diameter 88mm, bottle height 338mm Neck: BPF/PCO 28mm (Type 28-3P) with 3 threads Cap: Plastic Screw Cap Commission Year: 2004 Equipment: Blow Moulding: Krones, Contiform S24, Machine: Rotary-type machine with 24 blowing stations Heating module HZM13, number heating cases 22 pieces, Touch 10,4“ Color Including: Roller sorter make Tanner, type VZT 4010 Preform infeed make Tanner with preform inspection Chiller make KKT Kraus Outer shell moulds Filler: KRONES Volumetic VODM-PET 5.040-140-113 / SV 15 Pitch 113 mm, automatic CIP-valves Krones rooftable, separate lubrication pump and pneumatic System, central lubrication system Touch 15“ color Capper: ZALKIN, pitch 113, 15-digits Pitch circle diameter 540 mm neck-ring transfer Current: 400 V / 50 Hz Machine Safety: Complete housing Control Unit: Siemens S7 300 Conveyors for Bottles and Packs Year: 2000/2001 Control Unit: Siemens S7 according to attached layout PL-A-12071-05 scope of supply Labelling Machine Manufacturer: Krones Type: Contiroll HS 960-24-2 Capacity: 50.000 Bottles/h Equipment: Wrap-around label from reel Year: 2007 Batch: Parallel Direction: L-R Labelling Station I+II: Contiroll Highspeed Labelling Station Height adjustable with Servo drive for adjustment of label length Reel holder for 2 label reels (gluing automatically) Bottle Infeed: 2 infeed worms – one upon the other Bottle Table: Driven belt Operating: Touch Screen 15” Clean Desing with ZenOn Voltage: 400V Frequency: 50 Hz Control Unit: Siemens S7 300 Packing Machine Manufacturer: Krones Type: Variopac FS-70 Capacity: 70 cycles/min Equipment: Multipack in foil, max. film width 720 mm Year: 2006 Batch: Parallel Direction: R-L Infeed: Combined infeed for multipacks and loose container, adjustable with claming lever Chain Track: Width 30 mm Film Module: Film cutting unit for printed film 2 film wrapping bows with height 235 mm / height 360 mm Manual film welding unit Handling Formations: Shrink-only Shrink Tunnel: Cooling Unit Main grid belt Operating Panel: 15” touch screen with colour-display Control Unit: Siemens S7-300 Palettizer Manufacturer: Krones Type: Robot 3A Year: 2001 Execution: Double lane infeed conveyor Grouping station with row pusher Jalousie head for complete layer Layer pad inserter including magazine Control Unit: Siemens S7 Stretcher Manufacturer: Krones Type: Octopus 1845 B Year: 2015 Execution: Satellite rotating system Lifting unit for pallet Down-holding plate Including: Pallet conveyor and empty pallet magazine Mixer Manufacturer: Krones Type: MSF 24/2 Capacity: 23.500 L/h Year: 2002 Execution: Construction in 3 single components: -Deaeration -Mixer -Carbonator Additional dedicated equipment: Cap Feeding Unit, make Gassner (for Filler) Chute for preform feeding unit (for Blower) Elevator feeding (for Blower) Videojet 170i, Inkjet coding unit Checkmat for filling height and cap inspection unit (for Filler) Blow Molding Machine 680x425x360 cm       30 to. Filler 600x540x345 cm       25 to. 430x230x345 cm       10 to. Accessories for the Bloc: 4x 40´HC Container Mixer: 520x250x250 cm       4 to. 540x240x240 cm       2,2 to. 420x240x220 cm       1,0 to 125x85x60 cm           0,1 to. 120x80x50 cm           0,2 to. 210x160x240 cm       1,2 to. Labelling Machine : 500x350x350 cm       8 to. Packaging Machine 315x240x130 cm       1 to. 445x250x100 cm       1,3 to. 725x230x270 cm       4,8 to. 880x230x240 cm       5,4 to. Palletizer 405x265x340 cm       5 to. 325x50x255 cm         1 to. 245x230x165 cm       1,5 to. 405x125x100 cm       1 to. 170x110x175 cm       1 to. 370x230x220 cm       1,5 to. 280x200x150 cm       1 to. 380x230x150 cm       2 to. Stretcher 500x280x350 cm       4 to. 120x80x250 cm         1 to. 165x110x160 cm       0,2 to. 230x230x120 cm       1 to. Bottle-, Pack and Pallet Conveyor approx. 3x 40´Container

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Filling line for non-returnable PET bottles

Complete PET filling line for sale! The line is still installed in Austria but out of production since June 2019. It has been filled CSD and water with and without Co² manufacturer: mainly Krones, Kosme, SMI, Famix possible capacity: 9.000 bph - 1,5 ltr. PET 8.300 bph - 2,0 ltr. PET products: CSD (softdrinks) water with and without Co² neck: PCO 28 (1881 - shorty) packaging: 3 x 2 bottles into foil line consisting of: 1. Blowing machine KOSME type: KSB 6R rotary blowing machine with 6 cavaties year of manufacturing: 2009 inclusive: preform silo, elevator and sorting unit inclusive: MTA chiller (year of manufacturing: 2008) 2. Air conveyor system from outlet blowing machine to inlet of the KRONES tribloc The air conveyor system is pneumatically adjustable inclusive 6 blowing units 3. Tribloc KRONES 40/60/12 with 40 rinsing stations, 60 filling valves and 12 capping heads forplastic screw caps pitch: 113 mm year of manufacturing: 2001 - Rinser Variojet: 2 channel rinser - Filler Mecafill: with neck-handling system - Capper: PCO 28-1881 plastic screw cap with Pick and Place system inclusive Gassner cap feeding system 4. KRONES Checkmat fill level inspection unit type: F/R (infrared) 5. KRONES Contiroll labelling machine to label plastic labels around the bottle by hot glue 6. Complete bottle conveyor system KRONES with plastic chain and lubrication system 7. Foil shrinking machine SMI type: LSK45F with 6-lane infeed printed foil is possible 8. Handle applicator Twin-Pack type: MGE self-adhesive foil with separate label magazin 9. KRONES pack conveyor system with roller chain 10. Mixer Falterbaum type: FAMIX 20.000 capacity: 20.000 ltr./h 11. Palletizer KOSME type: MLPFP12 inclusive: - pallet and layer-pad handling - turning station - KRONES pallet conveyor

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High capacity filling line for carbonated softdrinks

Fabrikat: Krones, Sacmi, Kisters, Strema Leistung: 27.000 Flaschen/h bei 1,5 l (max. Flaschendurchmesser 87 mm) 35.000 Flaschen/h bei 0,5 l Mündung: Blasmaschine PCO 28-1810 Füller PCO 28-1881 shorty Baujahr: 2000-2012 Abfüllprodukt: Stilles Wasser Mineralwasser Karbonisierte Soft Drinks Gebinde: Formation 01 : 3x2 – nur Folie Formation 02 : 3er Sixpack in Tray – ohne Folie Steuerung: Siemens S7 - 300 Verfügbarkeit: Januar 2018 M A S C H I N E N: Blasmaschine Krones, Baujahr 2003, Contiform II S24, Rundläufer mit 24 Blasstationen und 22 Heizkästen mit Air Wizzard I + II (Luftrecycling) inklusive Kipper, Behälter, Hochförderer, Preformzuführung und Kälteanlage (KKT Kraus) inklusive Mutterformen und Blasformen Lufttransport Krones, Baujahr 2003, AIRCO, ohne pneumatische Verstellung Füller Krones, Volumetic 144-094-VO, 144 Füllventile, Teilung 94 mm, Neckhandling mit Stickstoffdroppler, Reinraumdach, Glasschutz-Türen, Verschlusszuführung Gassner, separat stehend mit Kaskadenförderer Füllhöhenkontrolle Krones, Checkmat FM-G, Ausleitung mit „Igel“ Mixer Krones, MSF 50/2, Baujahr 2000, mit Druck- und Vakuumentgasung Abblasung Sacmi Opera, Linear Etikettiermaschine Sacmi, Opera 300 F, Baujahr 2012, L-R, Beschickung parallel, motorische Höhenverstellung 1 Aggregat, Maschinenschutz mit Hebetürenausführung, mit Schaltschrank Etikettenkontrolle Krones, Checkmat FEM-G, Ausleitung mit „Igel“ Datierung Videojet, Excel 170I, Ultra-High-Speed, Ink-Jet auf Flaschenschulter am Flaschentransport Flaschentransport Krones, Kunststoffkette + Mattenkette Verpackungsmaschine 1 -Kisters, 6-bahniger Zulauf, Verarbeitung 2-spurig, nur Folie Schrumpftunnel mit Metallgitter, SP060 V Gebindetransport Krones, Röllchenkette, Drehstation, Linienverteiler, Zentralschmierung Verpackungsmaschine 2 -Kettner, Variopac T-60 0380, Gebindetransport Krones, pneumatische Senkung/Hebung Fahrbahnteiler möglich Belader Kettner, Pressant Universal 1N-0441, Beladeplatz oben Gruppierstation 2-teilige Mattenkette, Palettentransport Krones, 3-spurige Kette für Halbpalette stehend auf Mutterpalette enge Rollenteilung für Halbpalette, inklusive Palettenmagazin Wickler Strema, Typ A5000, Aushubstation, Niederhalter

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Komplettte PET Linie KRONES

Capacity 22 000 bph in 1.5 liter PET 20 000 bph in 2.0 liter PET 28 000 bph in 0.5 liter PET 1. Preform feeding station Krones KIPP with a box kipper, elevator and feeding system 2. Blow Molding Machine Krones Contiform 21 • Krones number 782 - 021 • Number of cavities 21 • Capacity 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l • Used for 0.5 liter, 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter PET PCO 1810 3. PET Compressor Francois CE 68 three stage, intercooled • Capacity FAD 50 m3/min • Inlet 1 bar, discharge pressure 42 bar • Compressor rotating speed 510 rpm • Electric motor Schorch 560 kW / 1485 rpm, 690 V / 50 Hz • Dryer cooler Francois HPET 10A5 4. Air conveyor Krones K 970-140, lenght about 70 m 5. Rinser Krones Variojet capacity 22 000 bph • 72 rinsing positions • Carousel diameter 2880 mm • Machine pitch 126 mm 6. Filler and capping block Krones Megafill VKP-PET 108 / 12 • 108 filling valves with neck handling • Counter pressure filling system with double evacuation • Short tube, single chamber, filling level control with return gas tube • Krones capper with 12 capping heads • Kassner cap feeding system with a belt elevator • Buffer tank 16 m3 7. Flash pasteurizer Steinecker • Capacity 140 / 400 hl • With Siemens Simatic Touch Screen 8. Mixer Krones DAP 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l 9. Labeling Machine Krones Canmatic Combi • Krones number K-071884 (year 2000) • Hot melt gluing with precut labels • Used for 1.5 and 2.0 liter PET - Max height 450 mm, diameter 75 mm 10. Contiroll/ Labeller Contiroll 17300 b/h 11. Laser marker 12. Variopac/ Shrink packer Variopac 22 000 b/h for 1,5 l 13. Pressant Universal

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KRONES Complete PET Aseptic filling Line for still products with 38mm widemouth neck

for still products with 38mm widemouth neck Manufacturer: Mainly KRONES and KHS Capacity: 24.000bph by 330ml 24.000bph by 500ml 18.000bph by 1000ml 12.000bph by 1500ml Year of manufacturing: 2013 from the KRONES Aseptic Bloc (other machines see description) Products: Fruit juice, Ice-Tea, Nectars, etc. (also with pulp and fibers possible) Filling temperature: 3 - 25degrees Capping: 38mm plastic widemouth screw-closure Packaging: 3x2 PET bottles into foil by 1000ml and 1500ml bottles NOT INCLUDED: Paletizer The Line is still running and can be inspected during production The Line is mainly consisting of: 1. KRONES Aseptic Bloc machine 16/44/22 with 16 blowing stations, 44 filling valves and 22 head closure Type: Contiform Aseptic bloc Year of manufacturing: 2013 The sterilazation of the preforms will be done by "dry-aseptic" with hydrogen peroxide (complete preform feeding system is included) By changing the bottle size there is no need to change format-parts in the filler! Complete Cap-feeding and Cap sterilazation system incl. complete product treatment system KRONES VarioAsept with degasing tank, aseptic tank, pasteurizer, piping, etc. 2. KRONES Checkmat Fill height controll unit 3. Labelling machine KRONES Contiroll, Year of manufacturing: 2012, to lable PET bottles bwith OPP-lables from the roll by hot glue 4. Foil shrinking machine KHS Kisters, incl. heating tunnel Type: Innopak CSM, Year of manufacturing: 2004 5. Handle applicator KHS Type: Innopak 6. Complete bottle and pack conveyor system, incl. lubrication system This line is in an absolutely top condition and it is still in production in one of the biggest beverage factories in Germany. If you want to inspect this line you are very welcome to come to Germany and we'll show you the line.

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One way glass bottle line - 50.000 bph

Krones one way glass bottle line capacity: 54.000 bph by 0,33 ltr. bottles products: carbonated and non-carbonated softdrinks The line was in operation until 2015 and it's still installed. consisting of: 1. Empty bottle pallet transport conveyor system, Kensal, year 2010 2. Empty bottle depalletiser, Kettner Pressant Universal - Capacity 100 pallets / hour - Layer interleave removal device - Empty pallet stacking device, type 454, model LPMT with max 15 pallet magazine - Empty pallet transport conveyor system 3. Empty bottle transport conveyors (mass flow), Krones 4. Empty bottle transport conveyors/reject lane (single file), Krones 5. Zero pressure single filer, Krones 6. Empty bottle inspector Krones Linatronic 7. Filler monobloc (rinser-filler-capper) Krones MECAFILL VK(2V)CF - short tube filling system for soft drinks with double pre-evacuation before filling - 132 filling valves, two Maxicrown (year 2007) 26 capping stations, one for crown and one for twist off caps - Maxicrown cap feeding system - Inbuilt monoblock CIP system - Valve block with buffer tank - Change parts for all bottles sizes 8. Full bottle transport conveyor system (filler - pasteuriser), Krones 9. Full bottle inspector Krones Checkmat type 707 with Swing-push rejection 10. Tunnel pasteuriser, Sander Hansen PB 17.9-504-42, machine number 622 - It has 7 zones total, 4 pasteurization and 3 regerative zones - Total process area 240 m2 - The pasteurizer was refurbished one year ago and it has new Martahoon Plastic belts and new gear drives. 11. Full bottle transport conveyor system (pasteuriser - labellers), Krones 12. Two Bottle driers (Air knives) 13. Two Labelers Krones SOLOMATIC 018-G88 - Combined output between 54.000 bph - Cold Glue system, both with two label stations for ready cut paper labels - Rotation L-R and R-L (oposite directions) - Inbuilt NO-LABEL checking and rejecting system - Bottle handling change parts and storage racks for parts 14. Bottle marking system with - Two Videojet Inc Date coders, model XL 170i UHS AF (one for each labeler) - Two Domino Lazer marker, model DPX1500 Digital (one for each labeler) - Two Domino digital coder 3, model DDC3L, year 2010 (one for each labeler) 15. Two Label Inspectors, Krones Checkmat type 707 (one for each line) 16. Full bottle transport conveyor system (labelers - Kisters) incl. labeler reject conveyor 17. Wraparound packer KHS Kisters Innopac WP 070V, year 2005, 70 cycle per min, various configurations with automatic carton feeding system 18. Full bottle transport conveyor system (feeding loose bottles to Kister combi) 19. KHS combi packer, type Innopac WSP A-M, year 2011, machine number K-89403431-000100, max 58 cycles/min, with automatic carton feeding system 20. Two finished pack coders, type Videojet

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