Complete PET-filling line 6.000bph based on 0,5 ltr. Pet bottles

Complete PET filling line capacity: appr. 6.000 bph based on 0,5 ltr. PET bottles appr. 5.000 bph based on 1,5 ltr. PET bottles capping: PCO 28 mm 1810 plastic screw cap labelling: pre-cutted labels with hot glue around the bottle packaging: 3 x 4 PET bottles 0,5 ltr. and 2 x 3 PET bottles 1,5 ltr. into foil palletizing: 12 or 6 packs on wooden pallet and streched into foil products: mineral water with CO2 If desired we can offer also a mixer to produce CSD consisting of: 1. Blowing machine Tetra Pak type: LX6 machine no: 40106/1042 year of manufacture: 1999 incl. blow moulds for 0,5 ltr. and 1,5 ltr. PET bottles incl. preform feeding system incl. chiller incl. preform silo incl. Siemens electric 2. High pressure air compressor Belliss and Morcom type: VH9H3N serial no. R188660 year of manufacturing: 2005 maximum working pressure: 40bar incl. pressure tank incl. cooling system 3. Bottle erector Posimat type: M-20 serial no: 10632 year of manufacture: 2003 incl. Siemens electric to errect the PET-bottles after blowing for the air conveyor 4. Air conveyor Lanfranchi year of manufacture: 2003 approx. 5 mtr. with 1 blowing unit 5. Filling and closing Bloc BKM type: Varifill VF 32/8 PET with 32 filling valves and 8 head plastic screw capper with pick-and-place system year of manufacture: 2001 with Siemens S7 electric incl. Touch Panel with neck-supporting system 6. Dating machine Willet type: 436 43S year of manufacture: 2003 to date the bottles 7. UV sterilisation system year of manufacture: 2000 8. Labelling machine Krones type: Canmatic year of manufacture: 2000 to lable pre-cutted paper labels with hot glue around the bottle 9. Shrink wrapping machine and heating tunnel Cramegna modell: Champion type: PZ00105 to pack Pet bottles into foil and shrink it year of manufacture: 2000 10. Palletizer Kettner year of manufacture: 1982 reconditioned and modifyed with Siemens S7 electric incl. pallet magazine incl. pallet streching machine Era Pack 11. CIP station with 600 ltr. stainless steel tanks 12. Impregnation pump Noll to inject Co2 into the water so that it is carbonated

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Filling line for non-returnable PET bottles Krones

Make: Krones, Videojet, Dimag, Ateliers Francois Possible capacity: 13.600 bottles/h refer to 0,5l PET bottle 12.000 bottles/h refer to 1,0l PET bottle 10.000 bottles/h refer to 1,5l PET bottle Year: 2006 Products: Still and carbonated water with 8g CO²/l, filling temperature 20°C Ice tea still with filling temperature 20°C Juice beverage with 15% juice without pulp, without gas, filling temp. 20°C Cap: Plastic-screw cap Control unit: Siemens S7-300 operating hours: 44.000 M A C H I N E S: Blow-moulding-Filler-Capper-Labelling-Bloc: Blow moulding machine Krones, Contiform II S08, circle machine with 8 blowing stations, linear oven Incl. cooling unit, tilting device KIPP 1CF Incl. preform infeed Filler Krones, Mecafill VKP-PET 1.800-55-103, 55 filling valves, pitch 103mm, R-L With cap conveyor, neck ring guiding, filler flush from outside, Sterile air filter without steam sterilisation, bottom cooling unit Capper Krones, 11 capping station, pitch 103mm, Pick&Place take-over, thread flushing operator platform for cap sorting unit, UV-radiation with infeed Labelling machine Krones, Canmatic 720-15, bottle infeed equipped for 2 infeed worms, L-R, Angle arrangement, Full safety hinged doors Filling height control Krones, Checkmat FE-IR, infrared Dating device Videojet, Excel 170i, ink coding on cap Bottle conveyor Krones, Synco, with plastic chain Packing machine Dimag, Star F30, 4 lane bottle infeed, film only, 3x2 and 4x3 shrinkpacks Pack conveyor plate chain with motor drive Mixer Krones, Contiflow 15/2, 2-components, mixture ratio 1+3 - 1+10 High pressure compressor Ateliers Francois, CE46A, 1.160 Nm³/h, incl. chiller and air dryer

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